Try 15 fun exercises with your significant other

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Whether you and your partner want to shape your body for the upcoming wedding or are just looking for a healthy dating idea, there are many benefits to working out with your significant other. Personal trainer and author Joey Thurman said: “A couple who exercises together will be together...and they will become sexier together.” “Working out with someone can really make you endorphins. Peptides work and immediately connect you to a common goal to stay healthy and sweaty."

Joey Thurman is a certified personal trainer and the author of "365 Health and Fitness Tips".

He is right, and a study by JAMA Internal Medicine supports this, showing that when one partner decides to make a positive health change, such as starting an exercise program, another partner is more likely to do so. Another study showed that not only that, working out with partners, especially more suitable partners, will help motivate you to work harder by up to 24%.

The benefits don't stop there, because exercising together is also an excellent way to relieve tension before marriage (or after marriage!). According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise releases "feel good" neurotransmitters called endorphins that help reduce stress and improve overall mood. In addition, regular exercise and sweating can also increase your self-confidence, reduce anxiety, and even help you sleep better. 

Now that you are sure why you should exercise together, it's time to get inspiration from the 15 best exercises for couples. Whether you like sports, weightlifting, yoga (or everything!), there are many ideas for you and your partner to act together.

It is simple and does not require fancy equipment-most importantly, it is effective. "This is the most underrated partner exercise, because walking can really extend your life," Thurman said. "Being outdoors in the sun can promote regular circadian rhythms, metabolism, mood and immune system health."

Experts recommend exercising at least 5 days a week and at least 30 minutes of exercise, but if you want to reach a weight loss goal, you may need to do more exercise. If you and your partner want to challenge yourself, look for a path with many hills and make sure that you are walking fast enough to make your heart beat faster.

Crossfit can quickly build muscles and improve endurance because it is a type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The course includes "Daily Exercise" (also known as WOD), which includes exercises such as weightlifting, squats, and box jumping. You will also use equipment such as kettlebells and medicine balls. Each lesson has a new exercise program in which you can perform combined exercises for a certain period of time or a specific number of repetitions. You and your partner will love this team atmosphere that encourages you to work hard. Crossfit is perfect for couples who want to perform high-energy workouts in group training to get quick results. Make sure you pay close attention to each other's condition, especially when you are tired, to avoid injury.

Tennis is a good choice for couples who need some games as motivation for exercise. In addition, the fact that your score can truly be "love" is the icing on the cake. Thurman of team sports said: "You can socialize without realizing that you are exercising." Tennis does not require much equipment, only a racket and tennis ball. It is good for strengthening arms, legs and core strength. Method, but also exercise sweating at the same time. Don't forget the sweatband!

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Do you think yoga is a separate exercise? Think again! NASM-CPT Pilates and Yoga instructor Dasha Einhorn (Dasha Einhorn) said that partner yoga is an opportunity to build connections, support and deepen relationships. "Yoga with a partner is a low-intensity activity that can improve balance, concentration, concentration and flexibility," she said. "It requires a certain level of trust, and provides an emotional connection and provides high-quality time together." Einhorn said that doing yoga with a partner can also help deepen stretching exercises and provide physical support because you can use your partner Your body as support. "Simply breathing together or lying in Shavasana with a partner at the beginning of the course is an opportunity to coordinate and release emotions on a deeper level and refocus each other's attention," she explained.

Dancing together can improve coordination, balance, flexibility and stability-not to mention it is a great way to impress your friends and family, especially the first dance at a wedding! Popular dance classes include national standard dances such as waltz, tango, foxtrot or Latin dances such as ChaCha, Mambo or Salsa. Pick up your dancing shoes (and your partner!) and enjoy learning new skills while exercising.

"Nothing can say'I love you' better than a mountain!" Thurman said. "Sprinting together is a fun way to climb the mountain. You can have some friendly competitions to improve your health and let your legs and booty be carved out." Fasten the laces of your running shoes and start two or three mountain sprints , 12-15 seconds each time, up to 10 sprints. You will rush up the mountain and then walk down the mountain to recover time between sets.

If you live near the water, stand-up paddle board (SUP) is a fun and challenging exercise for couples. Everyone will have their own longboard and single oar to help you move and guide you forward. You can sit on the board first and then gradually stand when you feel comfortable. SUP is a full-body exercise because it targets your arms, back, core, and even legs. In addition, it can exercise your balance and coordination abilities-but it is so interesting that you may not even notice it!

You and your partner can exercise your strength and flexibility by taking a Pilates class together, which uses the Reformer machine for amazing full-body exercises. You can also do Mat Pilates, which can be done at home without the need for fancy machines. "Doing Pilates with a partner can use a partner's weight to increase strength and flexibility," Einhorn said. She said this type of exercise also provides healthy competition, responsibility and motivation, and helps with proper alignment and body positioning. "It provides sensory feedback for better posture," she explained.

For couples who want to learn a new skill while exercising, golfing is one of the activities that can be enjoyed together regardless of age. Golf can strengthen your upper body (shoulder, back and grip!) and improve your flexibility and core strength. Give up the golf cart and carry your bag for cardiovascular exercises while working out your lower body. You will enjoy outdoor activities on the beautiful golf course while still being able to burn calories with your significant other. Don't worry, keeping score is optional!

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Whether you are in an indoor rock wall or climbing a rock formation together outdoors, rock climbing will challenge you in every possible way. You and your partner will learn to communicate and support each other as you progress, and you can also do full-body exercises. Rock climbing not only strengthens your muscles, but also improves coordination and agility. You will be surprised how many connections this adrenaline-stimulating exercise can make!

If you and your partner get bored easily and like mixed workouts, consider online fitness classes. You may be surprised to find all the courses available online, ranging in length from 10 or 15 minutes to an hour or more. From traditional courses such as HIIT, weightlifting and yoga, to courses such as Ballet Beautiful Barre courses and Yogalates (a hybrid of yoga and Pilates), you can try multiple courses to find the best course for you and your partner.

For couples who are eager to exercise, surfing is the ultimate full-body workout. The only drawback is that living near the ocean (or close to the ocean while on vacation) is a prerequisite. Pick up your surfboard and your partner and get ready to exercise your arms, legs, core and balance. Between the two groups, sit on a surfboard and enjoy the beautiful water (still working out your core!) and keep in touch with your partner.

Cycling can exercise your lower body and cardiovascular system. It can also exercise your joints easily. If you have lower body injuries or arthritis, this will be a bonus. You and your partner can mix bike paths, challenge yourself with steeper slopes, and increase speed and intensity. When the weather is bad, take it on a stationary bike to allow you to control the resistance and really shape and strengthen your lower body.

Thurman said: "Whether you are lifting weights together at the gym or at home, you need resistance training." Weightlifting not only builds muscles, but also strengthens bones. It doesn't have to be boring. He recommends combining it with solid ball passes, alternate push-ups, or partner squatting on the wall. In this case, you support each other with your backs together.

Taekwondo courses can help eliminate some of the tension before the wedding, and at the same time exercise and build muscles. If you have a home gym, you need a sandbag and gloves. Gyms that offer taekwondo classes usually provide gloves, but you can also bring your own. You and your partner can hold sandbags to encourage each other-get ready to avoid any wrong kicks or jabs!

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