• At the US Open, the voice yelled "Get out!" From the computer | Reuters

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    September 2, 2021; Flushing, New York, USA; On the fourth day of the 2021 US Open, Australian player Ashley Barty (right) defeated Danish player Clara at the US Tennis Association Billy King National Tennis Center Towson. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

    New York, September

  • NASCAR’s Roush Fenway Racing adds Catapult’s RaceWatch

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    Roush Fenway Racing has signed a multi-year agreement to use Catapult's RaceWatch, a racing strategy and motorsport video platform, starting in 2022. This is Catapult's first participation in the NASCAR Cup Series and Le Mans after working with Formula One, IndyCar and Formula E customers.

  • FanDuel Execs trio launches sports betting company BetDEX

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    Three former FanDuel executives, including founding CEO Nigel Eccles (Nigel Eccles), launched BetDEX, a blockchain-based decentralized sports betting company. Edinburgh-based BetDEX has raised US$21 million, which is the largest seed investment for a British startup.

    BetDEX will rely on the

  • Does anyone like tennis? Swampscott police lost service machine | Swampscott, MA Patch

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    Scott Swamp, Massachusetts-Losing keys, cell phones, or even a random bicycle is one thing.

    The lost tennis ball machine is different for the Swampscott police, hoping to reunite with its owner.

    The police said that the tennis machine was transferred to the department "not long ago" a

  • 2021 US Open Men's Singles Final-Can Novak Djokovic complete the Grand Slam and defeat Daniel Medvedev?

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    With Novak Djokovic standing on the edge of history, John McEnroe and Chris Fowler provide the historical background for the potential calendar year Grand Slam. (1:18)

    The world’s number one men’s player Novak Djokovic has a chance to make history: complete the Grand Slams over the year

  • Best Tennis of 2021 | Popular Science

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    An all-round ball that feels great

    World-class speed ball

    Durable ball

    Whether you are a serious player or just starting out, your choice of tennis will have a profound impact on your game. Since the 1870s, modern balls have developed a lot, when players switched to rubber ba

  • The 45 best battery-powered pitching machines of 2021: According to experts.

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    You can get any random battery-powered pitching machine, but if you are looking for expert advice to choose the pitching machine that best suits your needs, then you have come to the right place.

    It doesn’t matter what your battery-powered pitching machine needs or what your budget is, be

  • Ashes Chronicles-Part 9: Kerry Packer’s defection made Mike Brearley give orders for the 1978-79 season | Cricketer

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    HUW TURBERVILL: Due to the loss of many players due to the World Series of cricket matches, the England team succeeded in the second ashes in the 70s

    "Rick Darling was lying on the floor and there seemed to be no doctor rushing out. We learned first aid in Middlesex, so I patted his chest a

  • New Greenwich Table Tennis Center provides training and game time

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    Take a look at the table tennis table at CRUSH in Greenwich.

    In front of the CRUSH building, there is a subway north train passing by.

    In the CRUSH table tennis game in Greenwich, the game became very intense.

    Host a private party at the CRUSH Table Tennis Hall in Greenwich.

  • The best wool dryer-Chicago Tribune

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    Throwing a set of wool drying balls into the clothes will help soften the fabric, reduce static electricity and shorten the drying time by 20%-45%. They can also prevent your clothes from clumping, because the drying balls will tumble between the fabric layer and the individual clothes.